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Please know that our fabulous waterfront views are visible from virtually every seat in our restaurants, not just window seats. While we wish we could give everyone a window seat, they are first-come first-served! Holiday reservations must be made by telephone — we do not accept online reservations for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's & Father's Day, Thanksgiving or New Year's. Please call for parties of 11 or more. On weekends we serve brunch, not lunch at most our locations.

Award-Winning Pacific Northwest Seafood

Salty's Award-Winning Northwest Seafood Seattle/Portland

Typically, thoughts of Seattle or Portland bring to mind Starbucks coffee, the historic Pike Place Market, and rainy winters. It also brings to mind some of the world's best seafood. And one of the best places to enjoy fresh Pacific northwest seafood and prime USDA steaks is at Salty's Waterfront Seafood Restaurants in Seattle and Portland. Salty's are nationally known and recognized for our seafood cuisine, our Sunday Brunch, our waterfront views, our wine lists and that's just the beginning. Each of Salty's Restaurants has received numerous, prestigious annual awards and critical recognition from both local and national sources.

At Salty's we are living a chef's dream with access to the most abundant seafood in the world. As Salty's Chefs we also have the formidable task of delivering exceptional cuisine that rivals our panoramic, waterfront views. And we rise to the occasion, on every occasion. Our mission is simple: Take the best that the market has to offer and then make it even better! We believe that bringing out the natural flavor of an ingredient is the key to good cooking. To that effort, we use only the finest ingredients to capture the unique flavor of each dish and the season, and then serve it with highly imaginative presentations.

Our mission is simple: Take the best that the market has to offer and then make it even better!

Fresh, local seafood is at the heart of Salty's Restaurant menus. As we like to say, we're "Simply Fresh"™ — one of our trademarks. And, we use a straightforward approach to our menu items — we create simply prepared entrees with the perfect accompaniments such as sauces with Asian highlights and starches and vegetables with a truly northwest flair. All of Salty’s Chefs constantly explore new and exciting menu ideas for our guests. Our core menu changes seasonally and is supplemented with Market Sheets which change frequently.

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