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Columbia River Springers Top Salty's Fishing Report.

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Spring is finally here in the great Pacific Northwest and that means wild salmon are ready to inundate us for the next five months. I do love fresh halibut, but as I've said before, my first love will always be salmon. That being said, my most favorite salmon of all-time leads things off in our own backyard. Columbia River spring king salmon — or springers — come to us big, fat and delicious. These kings enter the Columbia River in spring, but hold off spawning until the fall when the water temperature is cooler. Salmon do not eat once they enter fresh water, so springers must build up enough fat to survive until the fall. They have the second highest fat content behind Yukon River kings.

We Have Wild Pacific Halibut for You!

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We're elated to tell you that fresh wild Pacific halibut is now available at all Salty's restaurants in the Great Pacific Northwest. Salty's chefs, pictured here left to right, Portland Chef Josh Gibler, Corporate Chef Jeremy McLachlan, Redondo Chef Gabe Cabrera and Alki Executive Chef Paolo Carey-DiGregorio invite you to taste wild halibut at its prime, the beginning of the season. They'll  prepare it for you simply grilled with a citrus herb butter or ask for our preparation of the day.

An Amazing Life Cycle: Salmon

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So I’m eating this beautiful piece of king salmon the other day, and I get to thinking about the incredible journey this fish took to get to me, and what an unfair ending to a potentially amazing journey this is. The lifecycle of a salmon is truly a thing to be respected. Pacific salmon are anadromous — they hatch in freshwater streams and rivers, then after a year or two, they reach smolt stage and migrate to the ocean. They spend a few years feeding in the ocean, then return to their natal streams or...

Yukon River King Salmon: Simply the Best

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Of all the king salmon I have eaten while growing up in the Pacific Northwest and working at Salty's (a premier seafood restaurant), one stands above the rest—Yukon River king salmon. The Yukon River is the longest river in Alaska and third longest in North America. It flows northwest from the coastal range mountains of northern British Columbia, through the Yukon Territory and Alaska before draining into the Bering Sea. The Yukon River is one of the most important salmon-breeding rivers in the world and home to four salmon runs every year. The first run is the Yukon River king salmon, followed by summer chum salmon, coho salmon and fall chum salmon...

The Perfect Time of the Year

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Is it June already? Easily the best time of the year for fish lovers. Pick your poison and it's probably available or close. Fresh halibut has been gracing our tables for a month or so; wild salmon is just gearing up; and black cod is finally hitting its stride. I'm hoping to throw a lot of variety at our guests this summer, but salmon will definitely be at the forefront.

There are five species of Pacific salmon but only one species of Atlantic salmon. The five Pacific salmon species are: King, Sockeye, Coho, Pink and Chum. Each species has a different size, color, life cycle and taste. King salmon are...

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