Good For You by Kathryn Hilger Kingen

We Be Jammin'
We’re getting that hot, hot August sun and the wild berries are getting plump and juicy. Blackberries are growing nearly everywhere, just find an untended corner and those stickery vines will be there. They’re a pain most of the year but come harvest, all the...
Better When We're Together
There's nothing better than the combination of real things like a warm summer night with wild salmon and a nice glass of wine. Good times happen when we're putting them all together. Taste the enchanting...
Herb Garden Cheerleaders
I’m late to plant my garden, but I don’t feel all that guilty. It seems I’m in good company, because all of nature is delayed this year. It’s like there was a huge traffic jam and our sunshine got caught in it. Oh sure, apologize, but we have all had to wait, so pale and patiently. Now we are late to...
Mom Was Right
I truly was blessed with the best Mom there ever was. Through her I know that mothers are magical, intuitive, all knowing protectors of the hearts they love. They nudge and guide us in ways that even they don't know are brilliant. Moms know what we need (our vegetables) and what we lack (a nap) and love to complement our finest features (her dominant genes).
The Unscrambling of Eggs
When I was a kid we ate eggs, lots of eggs. In those days they were known as one of the best foods in the world. We were awed by the notion that one simple egg was all that was needed to produce an adorable little baby chick, it was a miracle in a shell, right?
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