Good For You by Kathryn Hilger Kingen

Crab for the Cranium
Yes it's the New Year and time to make some annual resolutions. The thing about those intentions is they are usually a lot of work, and they don't seem to last. Maybe that's why we pick the same ones year after year. I have an intelligent idea for your "Reso 2017" …
Tasty Traditions!
Whatever it is that we have always done, doing it again makes the holidays seem right. Traditions! It wouldn't be OUR holidays without them. At Salty's, the Magical March of the Nutcrackers and our festively decorated restaurants has inspired an annual December ritual for so many of our guests.
Chef's Treasure
I was dining at Salty's on Alki recently and Chef Paolo Carey-diGregorio stopped by my table. He looked at me with wide eyes and a huge grin and said, "Kathy, come back to the kitchen I have something really exciting I want to show you." I was so curious, I jumped up and ...
Scaring Stingy Jack
Did you know that the great pumpkin owes its fame to a legendary man named Stingy Jack? According to Irish legend, going back hundreds of years, this miserable character was so crabby, nasty and disliked, that when he died he was...
Corncob Analytics
Just when you think you know all there is about a cob, you find out it knows a kernel more about you! In fact eating good old corn on the cob can be one of the most self-revealing things you ever do. Forget the Freudian theories, just serve up a pile of corn and watch how everyone goes at it. Eating attack styles will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about personalities. It's all in the technique...
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