Good For You by Kathryn Hilger Kingen

Harry Corvair
You know how the French are, they're so intriguing, and with that romantic accent, sigh … oh yes they draw you in. Admittedly there has been a long-standing love affair with the dashing string bean known as Harry Corvair (haricot verts)! Your grandma was in love, your mom, too. Generations of cooks have fallen, maybe even you. Sure it's easy to develop a fondness, because this tall, thin, snappy vegetable dressed in green is so delicious. This time of year beans of all kinds are beginning to spindle up their stalks, bear fruit and come on the market. The tender…
All I Need is a Coconut
Some day, if I am lucky enough to get marooned on a deserted island, all I am going to wish for is a coconut tree. Gilligan didn't actually have to be rescued. He had all he needed; the Skipper, a movie star, a professor, but most importantly, palm trees with coconuts! Actually the tree alone would do. Think of it, you would have lovely shade, you could build a house with the wood, thatch your roof with the tree fronds, brush your teeth with the roots, drink the milk, eat the coconut meat, sleep on the palms, make utensils with…
Pucker Up for Rhuby
Oh, yeah, she's a looker. Those ruby red crimson stalks, sporting that deep green floppy hat, well you just have to do a double take. She's like celery with lipstick or Swiss chard with better legs. Rhubarb is sweet as pie, but without enough sugar she can really make you pucker. Oh, Rhuby, you make us crazy for spring.
Spot-On Shrimp-Prawns
I remember the first time I tasted prawns. I had just moved to the Northwest from Minnesota and the closest thing I had ever seen to these beady-eyed creepers were the toe pinching mudbugs at the bottom of our lakes. Our family's first taste of spot prawns was piled high in the kitchen, and my Dad said, "Dig in, kids, and if you're really brave, you'll slurp the juices right out of the head." What, are you kidding me? Of course I did it, it was a great way to get my Dad's proud smile when you're from a brood…
Go Red
Psst … hey, friend, I have an idea. I know what to give that wonderful woman you love for an early Valentine present. This gift is one that will show her that you truly have her heart in mind. Why not surprise her with something red on February 5? It's National Heart Month and Wear Red Day and it's all about bringing awareness to women's heart health. On that day all across the nation people will be ...
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