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Kitchen Talk With Chef Jeremy McLachlan

Your New British Pop Star, Pumpkin Spice!
How do you know fall is in the air? Is it the changing leaf colors, the evening starting at 4:00 p.m. or your Columbia sportswear jacket making its way back to the front of your closet? I know fall is in the air because of the wonderful pumpkin spice ...
Corny People, Corny Jokes, Corny Recipes
How do you eat corn on the cob? Being a chef I eat corn all different ways. I start with one row then I bite down and around the cob and finish off with random bites everywhere. So Dr. Kathy Kingen, What is my diagnosis? Read Kathy's blog Corncob Analytics so you too can look for the tell-tale signs of the various "attack styles" she outlines for you along with some corny nutrition. My kids seem to be following in my footsteps.
Pickle Your Fruit Not Your Liver
The word pickle is showing up on things you never thought possible. Pickle-flavored popcorn, sunflower seeds and even beer. Pickle juice is also replacing Gatorade on the sidelines of sporting events and is a great chaser for cheap whisky. Have you ever had pickled fruit? Before you answer that question think about it for a second. Vinegar is used in many different recipes like sweet and sour chicken, your favorite beef stew, chutneys and some desserts, so why not fruit? When I spent some time in Hawaii I followed signs on the side of the road for Pickled Mangoes and…
OHHH Honey Honey
I am like honey because every time I walk into a room everyone says, "Sweetness has arrived!" This month we are having fun with the sweetest thing brought to you by the working class Bee. Honey comes in many different flavors and types and my stance is always the same, buy local. The flavor of honey can change dramatically and this is determined by which flower the bee is around. My favorite is blackberry honey. Do not be fooled with a honey that is infused with flavor; always check the ingredients and there should only be one, honey. I replace…
Mr. Bean Without the Humor
Vines are starting to sprout up and wrap themselves around the trellis. It's like magic. Little flowers are blooming and you know that you are only a few weeks away from having the most amazing vegetable ever, green beans! Tending my own garden for many years, I have been through the drama of having too many green beans. It's not funny. This is serious stuff and the questions always hit me: Do I eat them all? Can them? Give them away? My favorite thing to do is ...
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