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Kitchen Talk With Chef Jeremy McLachlan

Coconuts, Not Just for Deserted Islands
I have been going crazy for coconuts for a long time. Fresh coconut is the way to go in every way, but removing that furry, rough exterior is not the easiest of tasks. Well, I have a wonderful alternative for you. Trader Joe's is selling shelled whole coconuts that are out of this world. The amazing elixir in the middle has more electrolytes than an average football player's sweat! As my co-blogger and dear friend Kathy Kingen says, "All I Need is a Coconut" in her "Good for You" blog, it's really that amazing if hard to crack, but so…
Rhubarb Ba Ba Barbara Ann!
Oh, Rhubarb, you got me rockin' and a-reelin' but everyone thinks you're only for dessert! My girl Rhubarb has an amazing bright acidic flavor and when cooked right can make for an amazing accompaniment to any savory dish. Rhubarb is not just for pie! Rhubarb in cocktails is especially fun. The next time you make yourself a gin and tonic or a screwdriver, take a chance and muddle a little rhubarb in there for an extra layer of awesomeness. As Kathy Kingen explains in her blog, "Pucker Up for Rhuby," its astounding nutritional value is a reason to cultivate her.
See Spot Swim!!!
This month I am talking about the sweetest thing since a poodle in a tutu. Spot prawns are a locally caught prawn that will pop up in your specialty fish markets very soon. These prawns are a delicious, nutritious delicacy and with a limited supply, so call your local seafood shop and ask about them. Here are a few shops near you:
Have a Heart, and Keep it Healthy
Hey, you're thinking that once "New Year's Resolution Month" is over, it's back to deep-fried goodness and red meat. Well, why don't you keep your January post-holiday diet going? I have some easy and delicious heart-healthy tips for you and hope you'll check out GoRedForWomen.org for other important advice.
Joyce Entus, The Hostess of Heaven
It is not often in life that we come across a real live angel. We had one from the day we opened our doors at Salty's on Alki in West Seattle. You may have met her, her name is Joyce Entus, and she was the beautiful, unforgettable, vivacious greeter who rolled out the red carpet for the guests who graced our door. I would like to tell you about her.
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