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Please know that our fabulous waterfront views are visible from virtually every seat in our restaurants, not just window seats. While we wish we could give everyone a window seat, they are first-come first-served! Holidays reservations must be made by telephone — we do not accept online reservations for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's & Father's Day, Thanksgiving or New Year's. Please call for parties of 11 or more. On weekends we serve brunch, not lunch at most our locations.

Kitchen Talk with Chef Jeremy McLachlan (51)

The Dirty Little Secret About Non-Local Produce

In a perfect world, the Pacific Northwest sun would allow me to eat local produce year-round, but unfortunately it does not. Although I vary my eating habits seasonally to take advantage of the freshest local produce, occasionally I compromise...

How Salmon Almost Killed Me But Then Saved My Life!

Salmon has been a big part of my entire life. The story begins when I started salmon fishing with my dad at the tender age of four. As a curious kid, I leaned over the edge of the boat to see what my dad was trying to catch in his net and I splashed headfirst right into the water! I got a couple swallows of the Columbia River, but luckily my dad always practiced safe boating and I bobbed up floating in my life vest. After a quick boat ride back to our campsite and an hour in front of the fire...

Holy Halibut, Batman!!!

The Big Flounder of the Deep is finally here and at its prime. This is my favorite white lean fish. The delicate flaky meat is fantastic and good for you, too! If you don't believe me, just ask Kathy Kingen (Good for You). Whenever I dream of a dish featuring this amazing fish, I always know one thing: unlike the mid-region of my body, halibut needs fat! Because halibut is so lean, it's great pan-seared and rubbed with a compound butter or...

Four Tips on How to Choose Oysters

Several times a week I tell Salty's guests that most of our seafood is caught from the waters right beneath our amazing waterfront locations. The mighty Columbia River gushes under Salty’s in Portland out into the vast Pacific Ocean where most our seafood is caught. Elliott Bay ebbs and flows under Salty's on Alki and Puget Sound drifts under Salty’s at Redondo with waters alive with clams, mussels, oysters, crabs and the occasional spot prawn...

Don't Sweat It! How to Cook Mushrooms

On a daily basis people tell me how much of a fungi I am. Maybe it's all those mushrooms I eat. Ha! All mushrooms are fungi, but not all fungi are mushrooms! This month we are sharing with you how to cook mushrooms the proper way. It's the time of year for one of the great wood mushrooms, the hedgehog...

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