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Salty's Corporate Chef

Salty's Chef Jeremy McLachlan


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Jeremy choose the culinary arts at an early age. At 13 he cooked his first omelet for his grandparents and found an instant joy in cooking for others and pleasing people with food. Jeremy says, "There is something about making people happy with food that keeps me wanting to cook more and more." Jeremy was raised on the TV Chefs, Jeff Smith, Julia Child, Graham Kerr (Galloping Gourmet) and very young and shy Emeril Lagasse. He remembers friends coming over wanting to play but they had to wait until the The Frugal Gourmet was over. While Jeremy was still in high school, he enrolled in a skills program for the culinary arts and quickly became a sous chef for the class. As his skills grew, he placed third in a regional cooking competition that year. At the age of 16, Jeremy started work at a Mexican restaurant where everything was made from scratch. He became a lead cook and then moved on to assist in the opening of a seafood restaurant. This is when Jeremy found his true love - cooking with seafood. "Seafood is the most difficult and versatile thing to cook on the planet," explains Chef. After several years Jeremy was ready for a new culinary seafood adventure and so begins his climb at Salty's restaurants.

There is something about making people happy with food that keeps me wanting to cook more and more.

More Salt Please...

In the spring of 1997 Jeremy started with Salty's Portland restaurant on the Columbia River. He began as a pantry cook and quickly proved himself as a motivated quick learner. At 23 he took on a sous chef position. Then he moved to the Seattle area and worked at Salty's at Redondo Beach in Des Moines, WA. Here Jeremy worked under the tutelage of Chef Todd Albert. His next move was to "the mother ship", Salty's on Alki Beach in West Seattle where Jeremy became the executive sous chef. He worked under Byron Schultz, a classically French trained chef, and continued to fine tune cooking techniques. In 2004 Jeremy received the opportunity to become executive chef at Salty's on the Columbia River, back in Portland. He was just 27 when he took on the job and thrilled at the prospect of honing his management skills and sharing his creativity with the guests. Two years later Chef was "recruited" back to Seattle to be the Executive Chef at Salty's on Alki Beach. He was overheard saying "Being the head chef at a 12 million dollar a year restaurant is such an honor". Over the next few years Chef Jeremy wore many hats for Salty's (radio personality, General Manager) before settling into the Corporate Chef position, keeping his finger on the pulse of deliciousness for all three Salty's stores.

These are big restaurants (Alki is in the nation's top 100 independent restaurants) and I really need to make sure we get sustainable fish. It is hard to keep this up but so worth it in the long run

The last four years have been the height of his career. He has won numerous awards for Seattle's best brunch, seafood, and view restaurant. Since taking on the corporate role, Chef has evolved the restaurant, cafe and catering menus to reflect seasonality. He also feels very strongly about sustainability and supporting local business. "These are big restaurants (Alki is in the nation's top 100 independent restaurants) and I really need to make sure we get sustainable fish. It is hard to keep this up but so worth it in the long run," says Chef Jeremy. He has also worked with many different charities around Seattle including Farestart (Chef's favorite), Share our Strength, Heritage House, West Seattle Helpline and many others.

Jeremy is not beholden to the kitchen as he loves to share his recipes with all. You can often turn on the TV and find him cooking on the local news and KCTS. When not at work Chef Jeremy loves to cook on his days off. He has a beautiful wife Maggie, two sons, Maximus and Augustus, and a black Lab named Crosley. Chef also likes to ski, hike, bowl, and golf on his days off. "I work hard so I have to play hard," explains Chef Jeremy.

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Salty's Executive Chefs

Salty's on Alki Beach

Salty's on Alki Chef Paolo DiGregorio

Chef Paolo DiGregorio

As a child Chef Paolo DiGregorio traveled from California to Japan to New York and then landed in Seattle. His father was both an actor and a teacher, involved in Japanese theater as one of the first Americans to intensively study and perform classical Noh theater in Japan. His family enjoyed the culinary delights of big cities with big appetites and opened several bakeries.

From an early age, he gravitated to cooking and as an adult made his way through many kitchens in Seattle. In 2004, Paolo moved quickly from Salty's on Alki wood-oven cook position to leadership roles as sous chef, chef de cuisine and naturally and deservedly to executive chef today.

Our access to premier seasonal ingredients is awe inspiring!

Paolo revels in our local bounty. In his words, "Our access to premier seasonal ingredients is awe inspiring!" While Chef Paolo is influenced by Mediterranean and Asian flavors, his heart is entirely Northwest. When not in the kitchen, you can find Paolo enjoying the delights of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest with his wife Brenda and young son Benjamin.

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Salty's at Redondo Beach

Salty's Chef Aaron Grund

Chef Aaron Grund

"The one thing you cannot teach someone is passion. Our new Redondo Chef Aaron Grund lives for the food industry and brings pure passion to every plate he creates," says Salty's Head Chef Jeremy McLachlan. Salty's cuisine and Chef Aaron's passion is a happy marriage of fresh Pacific Northwest seafood and modern Italian without neglecting his Nonna's influence. We're calling it passion cuisine and you'll want to get into Redondo to experience it. Born and raised in Seattle, Aaron became interested in the culinary arts at an early age. Raised by a single mother, Aaron was helping her in the kitchen by the ripe age of three. By the age of six he could identify herbs and spices by smell alone. At 13 his choice for a Christmas present was a cooking class at Kirkland's well known Indian restaurant Shamiana. During his teens he travelled far and wide, to China, Thailand, Italy, Greece and Egypt, developing a passion for international cuisines. After graduating from high school he attended the Culinary Program at South Seattle Community College, and began his professional culinary career in the catering kitchen at Salty's on Alki Beach in West Seattle in 2000. After a few years, his passion drifted and he became a commercial diver in Lafayette, Louisiana, but soon realized his true love was cooking and returned to Seattle. He had brief stints working in the kitchens of Barking Frog and Canlis and then served as sous chef at Serafina for a few years before returning to Salty's in 2016 where he is now the executive chef at Redondo Beach. Chef Aaron loves traveling, gardening and getting to know Seattle's sustainable farmers and their products. You might find him at the Beacon Hill Food Forest and Farestart where he volunteers. Check out Chef Aaron's menus and read the latest news about his events and promotions. Make a reservation to experience this chef's passion served with glorious sunsets over the waters of Puget Sound.

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Salty's on the Columbia

Chef Josh Gibler

Like Alki Executive Chef Jeremy McLachlan, Josh attended the Clark County Skill Center while in high school, realizing in his youth that food was a true calling. In fact, the two attended the center at the same time and have been friends ever since, attending one another's weddings and working together at Salty's in Portland. Josh built his culinary chops working at Skamania Lodge, Stanford's in Portland and as Executive Sous Chef at Salty's on the Columbia. His culinary adventures went abroad to the Dominican Republic where Josh opened and consulted for a small beach cantina called The Blue Parrot.

Josh's approach to food is to source fresh and local products whenever possible. It's no wonder Josh and Salty's are a strong fit when you consider the abundance of Northwest ingredients that exist in our very own backyard. Chanterelle mushrooms, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, Sauvie Island produce and other Northwest delights are present in his dishes. While he is strongly influenced by Italian cuisine, Josh is very open to all regions and techniques of cooking. When asked what he would do if he were not cooking, he said, "No, thanks."

When asked what he would do if he were not cooking, he said, "No, thanks."

An avid snowboarder who enjoys camping and vintage cars, Josh has his hands full when he's not in the Salty's kitchen. Twin daughters call him "Chef Daddy" when they cook together at home. You can just call him Chef Josh and savor the sights and the locally sourced ingredients that await you at the award-winning Portland restaurant, which was voted Best Seafood 2010 and Best Brunch 2010 on Portland.Citysearch.com

Don't miss his wonderful creations showcased on his current menus at Salty's on the Columbia Menus with Chef Josh.

WORLD CLASS SEEFOOD, Steaks, Service & Smiles!®

Salty's is truly in a class by itself. We work hard to please you with our award-winning Northwest seafood and steak cuisine and perfectly friendly service. Indeed, the diners of OpenTable, the readers of Seattle Weekly, and the Best of Western Washington vote Salty's the top seafood and waterfront view restaurants in both Seattle and Portland year after year.