Good Ciao Cookbook

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Good Ciao is a cookbook collaboration between Italian Chef Roberto Russo and Salty's Co-Owner Kathryn Kingen and Salty's Chefs.

"At Parco Fiorito, my Tuscan villa, one discovers that the hallmark in all Italian recipes is simplicity. That is the key to an authentic kitchen, simple flavors thanks to every ingredient. This cookbook is inspired by my passion for cooking and the faith put in me by the splendid Kathryn and Gerry Kingen, owners of Salty's, one of the best restaurants on America's West Coast." — Roberto Russo, Chef and Author Good Ciao.

"Good Ciao! It's a name that somehow aptly describes the essence of this cookbook. It is both English and Italian recipes. It's about the meeting and greeting of friends so happy to see one another. It says good food and good feelings and hopefully puts a smile on your face." — Kathryn Hilger Kingen, Co-Owner Salty's and Author Good Ciao.