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Alki Beach —Seattle
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Salty's —All 3 locations
Alki Beach —Seattle
Redondo Beach —South Seattle
Columbia River —Portland

Salty's on Alki Beach (Seattle Restaurant)

Wow! I wish I had been there. I came in for the Copper River Salmon and was blown away by the food and service. Salty's Rocks!!!John Thoren 6/2013

We celebrate with your White Chocolate Mousse Cake. When my twin daughters were in Junior High and High School we would go to dinner quarterly to celebrate good grades. After one of these dinners at Salty’s at Redondo we enjoyed dessert and one of the choices was your White Chocolate Mousse Cake. Well it was an instant family favorite and we have had it several times. When they left for their freshman year at WSU I wanted to do something special for their first year away during their birthday. I got on the phone and ordered the WCMC, then called an airline that flew to Pullman (WSU) to see if they would fly it there. With cake in hand, I delivered it to the airport and they flew it to Pullman. I called my daughters and told them a surprise was waiting. They were pretty happy! Last Thursday was my birthday and we went to Salty’s on Alki. We ran into Nems, who now does PR with Salty’s, and when she heard it was my birthday she surprised me with — wait for it — a White Chocolate Mousse Cake! After dessert I went to thank her and told her the above story. I guess the moral to this story is celebrate life’s great moments with Salty’s White Chocolate Mousse Cake, or one’s kindness is always repaid. —Linda Papke 4/2013

I appreciated that everything I requested was ready to go. —Carol 1/2011

One of our locals strongly suggested you all and you did not disappoint. —Jacob 1/2011

Each person I worked with was quintessentially professional and yet appropriately personable. The facility was lovely, clean and great location. —Kristie 1/2011

No reason to ever consider another venue. —Phil 1/2011

The gentleman bartender went above and beyond and was most pleasant. —Erica 1/2011

We have held our annual volunteer dinner every year and once again I know why! —Clydene 1/2011

Our entire staff had a great time. Loved the Duwamish Room. —William 1/2011

Perfect music, lighting and temperature together with the fabulous food and service we all enjoyed. We will be back. —Jeff 1/2011

SaltyÂ’s has the BEST staff. Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our event was successful and enjoyable. —Vicki 1/2011

Overwhelming compliments about staff, food and atmosphere. —Rachel 1/2011

Especially Creig was very helpful on the event date. —Cloe 1/2011

The bartender was on top of his game and will be requested again! —Justin 1/2011

Impeccable. I received nothing but great feedback from guests, my wedding party and even vendors. Your team was wonderful. —Trystan 1/2011

Thanks for a great job! —Vir 1/2011

Exceeded expectations. Overall satisfaction from group was exceptionally high. —Sierra 1/2011

Very Nice! Everything was grand and thank you for the fabulous weather too. —Pam 1/2011

You always make our visit special. Your entire team is incredible. —Gina 1/2011

Everything was perfect and set and served as requested. —Carol 1/2011

Loved it-made my job so easy. —Jaymie 1/2011

Jeff is an excellent on site host. Top notch. —Suzanne 1/2011

All in attendance were pleased with the staff, the room, the food and the fantastic view. —Alice 1/2011

Excellent. Buffet always is! —Tom 1/2011

On a 1-10 your staff and especially Jeanne get a 12. —Bobby 1/2011

Love the holiday decorations and just the entire festive feel. Duncan was our server again this year and he is wonderful and helpful as always. On the ball! —Dana 1/2011

It was the perfect place for our sonÂ’s rehearsal dinner. Food, ambience, waterfront. —Chuck 1/2011

My entire staff enjoyed the evening and many (ALL) favorable comments. A-One! —Randy 1/2011

Perfect variety of food selections and quantities. Loved it again. —Gary 1/2011

Really enjoyed having the Boeing dreamliner fly by that you had arranged for our luncheon. —Cyndy 2/2010

Clean, beautiful and very prompt staff. We will be back. —Rosie 2/2010

Excellent variety on the catering menus for our group. —Steve B 2/2010

Your willingness to work with our special requests was a huge asset to our event planning. —Todd 2/2010

My company only comes once a year but we all look forward to our program so much. —Tim 2/2010

Overall excellent experience. —Katie 2/2010

Everything was clean, staff was friendly and food was fabulous. Thank you! —Jasmine 2/2010

I can not think of anything I would have done different. You always exceed my expectations every single time. —Melissa 2/2010

You made our 40 year celebration extra special. —James 2/2010

Have been enjoying Salty's for well over 20 years. —Roger 12/2009

Feedback from the staff was that this was the best food they have had compared to any of our parties in the past. We would rate the overall experience an A+. —Carol 12/2009

Food and staff was beyond expectations. The entire spread was fantastic and the décor was beautiful. You are all exceptional and we always enjoy coming here. —Cherie 1/2010

It was an awesome variety and the seafood sauté was especially delightful. We absolutely loved the holiday décor. The food was perfect too. —Kay 1220/09

I really enjoyed the "James Bond Martini" that was prepared for me. —Jamie 12/2009

Thank you so much for making our event such a huge success on short notice. Everything was outstanding. —Herb 1/2010

The room was arranged perfect and all of the seafood was amazing! —Valerie 12/2009

Everyone was prompt and efficient. We will be back again-promise. — Rebekah 1/2010

We even had a vegan guest and the staff made a special meal for her. I really appreciate everyone taking care of her. —Michael 12/2009

Many of our guests had never been to Salty's before and they all talked about how fabulous everything was the next day. Count us in for a return visit. —Jeremy 1/2010

We have used Salty's for many years and will continue to have our parties there as everything is always so smooth and professional. —Karen 1/2010

I really enjoyed working with Jeffrey as he took such great care of us. —Debbie 120/10

We heard from some friends that we should check you all out and we are glad we did. Everything was incredible. —Laurel 12/2009

All of our members were extremely pleased with the food, service, parking and of course the view. Thank you! —David 12/2009

You can count on us all being back as soon as we can. Excellent experience. —Torey 1/2010

Salty's at Redondo Beach (South Seattle)

My Family and I had Thanksgiving dinner at the Saltys - Redondo Location this year! This certainly covers our opinion " Excellent Delivery in all areas"!!! The Staff at this location did a great job, The Food was as expected... excellent! The Thanksgiving dinner has become our family tradition now, for the 4th year in a row! We enjoy the day out of the kitchen, and being spoiled by the staff at Salty's! Also nice to come home to a clean house. We do miss the leftovers! Maybe next year you can entertain —doggie bags, to go! wink! Keep up the good work! we will return! Thanks!
—Tim G. 12/8/09

Hi, we are loyal customers of Salty's at Redondo Beach. We definitely think the brunch is the best ever! We think the view is beautiful and the waterfront dining is wonderful! The seafood at the brunch is delicious. The fresh crab and fresh oysters on the half shell are our favorites, along with the seafood chowder with sherry. The wait staff is always well trained, courteous, helpful and prompt.

I confess I am not into anything "blackened" and prefer fish cooked simply, broiled, grilled or baked, with delicious sauces that can be served "on the side." I am also allergic to "soy", so I avoid all dishes cooked with soy sauce. I appreciate the complete list of the ingredients on the menu, so that customers can avoid foods that give them allergic reactions. I also am on a salt restricted diet, so being able to request food cooked with low salt really helps me.

We don't get to Alki, as we live in Puyallup and the traffic is awful getting into Seattle, so we just opt for Salty's at Redondo. We always take our visiting relatives there. Everyone loves it! Thanks!

—Karen R. 10/09
Salty's at Redondo is our favorite restaurant. We always take friends there for a special treat. The service, friendliness and especially the food is great. Keep up the good work!
—Dolores and Bill R. 10/09
On a recent trip to Seattle, my friend, my daughter and I stopped at Salty's (at Redondo) for dinner. (I'd been there before and had been delighted with the food and friendly service.) However, when we checked the menu we saw that there was very little that my daughter (a vegetarian) would be able to eat. We talked to the hostess and she assured us that my daughter's needs would be accommodated. She then took us to the table and spoke to the server. The server (Hannah) assured us as well, that they would be able to make something special for her. A few moments later, the Operations Manager came to our table to discuss with my daughter the type of meal she had in mind and how best to accommodate her needs. Everyone was so kind and helpful and they treated us like visiting dignitaries! The food was delicious and the view, spectacular. But we will never forget the way the restaurant staff went out of their way to ensure we had a wonderful dining experience. I will be posting this as a review on Trip Advisor and Yelp. Thank you all
—Shelly F., Santa Monica, CA 7/09
I am a hairstylist in the Federal Way and Auburn area and I attended the Dinner and a concert on May 27 2009. It was so much fun and I really hope that there will be future events like this one. I worked the next day and shared our experience with my customers. They all expressed that it would be something that they would be very interested in doing also. We enjoyed our drivers and having the exclusive entrance into the concert was awesome. If you choose to have more of these events you can count on us being a part of the experience.
—James and Debra A. 5/09

Salty's on the Columbia River (Portland)

Thank you for being so flexible to work with! —Kate D 4/2011

It was amazing.Very professional and friendly. —Jamie 4/2011

Everything was delicious and the room looked beautiful.We could not have asked for anything better. —Nancy 4/2011

I have been to Salty's numerous times and you all certainly know what you are doing. —Allan Margaret 4/2011

Your staff always anticipated every need.Gorgeous view. —Diana 4/2011

All of our guests raved about everything.The venue, food, service and evening parking arrangements. —The best!Andrea 4/2011

We have used the private rooms in the past and we all know why. —Thank you.Judy 4/2011

Friends recommended you and we are so glad we chose to have our reception with you.Everyone was just great. —Melvin 4/2011

Very good.Organized and perfect lay out of the room for our needs. —Jon 4/2011

Thank you for an enjoyable evening.Just perfect from start to finish. —Anne 4/2011

We will be back!You all exceeded our expectations and our guests were so happy.Please keep doing what you do. —Genevive 4/2011

Plenty of room and the view was perfect. —Robin L. 2/2011

The shuttle service pick u at the Red Lion was great! —Shannon O 2/2011

As always, it provided to be the best fare in the Metro area. —Jeff G. 2/2011

Excellent staff and facility. —Dee H. 2/2011

It was the best buffet we've ever had. —Leigh G. 1/2011

This was our 5th time @ Salty's. I also used to live in Seattle and went to the one on Alki often. —Dave F. 1/2011

From the time I made the reservation to the end of our celebration I received service above and beyond my expectations. —Lylla 1/2011

It was delicious. —Audrey R 1/2011

We have been attending for more than 15 years. Good variety. Nice. Well kept. —Darren G. 2/2011

Server created the atmosphere for a wonderful evening. Good flavor and selection. Met the needs of our vegan diner. —Danit C. 2/2011

If you keep up this extra-mile service with a smile, we'll be sure to return with friends for a long, long while. —Hans S. 1/2011

Very well received by all members. —Margaret W. 1/2011

Everyone was wonderful. We all left full and happy. —Christina C. 1/2011

Our server was excellent. Very sweet, helpful, and genuine. Everyone was very pleased which is not any easy task for a large group. Thank you for the wonderful service you provided us. It made our company holiday party very enjoyable. —Marian N. 1/2011

We have had our Christmas office brunch there the last 3 years. Plan to return next year. We all love it and no one wants to go anywhere else. Thank you again. —Cheryl C. 1/2011

The menu was great. It was good that we could choose menu items to create our own menu to keep the cost within budget. I can definitely see coming back to Salty's. Thank you making our event a hit! —Tim F. 1/2011

Our Server was excellent. —Brad P. 1/2011

Thank you For exceeding our expectations! —Tammy M. 1/2011

Always Perfect. —Julie H. 1/2011

Keep up the good work! —Molly B. 1/2011

Excellent! —Darlene M. 1/2011

Service was excellent. Like the separate room for our group. —Eyke N. 1/2011

We loved the atmosphere-great holiday theme and friendly service! —Shiho K. 1/2011

Amazing food.  —Gail W. 1/2011

As always, top notch. —Tim F. 1/2011

Fantastic! —Cheryl C. 1/2011

The food met Our expectations and alternatives were wonderful for those who have dietary restrictions. —Chanda K. 1/2011

Great Job! —Ken B. 1/2011

I would like to thank you for all that you did to make this event special. —Gloria G. 1/2011

I appreciate the ease of booking corporate dinners with Saltys. It's mostly done via email and is so seamless and simple! Thank you! —Jamie U. 1/2011

The space was beautiful with great views. We were able to see the sunset! —Margaux J. 12/2010

Thanks again! Our sales meeting dinner was a HUGE success!! —Brittany H. 12/2010

Our server was absolutely professional and outstanding! —Mary A. 12/2010

The best weÂ’'ve experienced at brunches. —Lu L. 12/2010

Fabulous, as always! —Jan 12/2010

Positively Wonderful. — Phillip 12/2010

Excellent, as usual. —David G. 12/2010

Above and beyond. The head person, Laura J, was the consummate professional. She just kept everything moving forward. We were ecstatic —the tables and decorations were set up beautifully. An A+ in planning, execution, service and food.  If I had to plan something in Portland, I wouldn't hesitate.  We all had a great time and feel fortunate to have entrusted this important event to Salty's. —Vija D. 10/10

"Salty's is one of my all time favorites.  I travel year round on both business and pleasure, so I have had many great dining experiences both nationally and internationally but Salty's continues to excel in all areas —over all others.  They are the best! —Jennifer W. 10/10

Everyone got to have what they wanted.  A very positive experience. Everyone who came for my mom's birthday had a great time! —Karen R.

Great location & great food. Service was very good. —Tina C.

Very accommodating as our group had its challenges. Thank you so much. We had several individuals (VIPs) in our group who were very late to the dinner. You did a wonderful job accommodating us. Thank you! —Dana S.

Excellent, very well organized and the food was superb! —Connie H.

Wendy was wonderful. Everyone commented on how tasty everything was. Size of entrée was wonderful. —Shirley G.

Cozy room, beautiful and weather was perfect. —Cheryl S.

Dorothy, Catering Director, was very efficient, detail-oriented, and thoughtful. The wait staff was great. Service was friendly, efficient, kind and "classy." The food was excellent. Room was very lovely; custom printed menus were a lovely surprise. —Marilyn C.

Food exceeded expectations. Presentation was great & quality and preparation was also. Room was very much set to fit our needs. Since we came from out of town — detail to color in napkins and colors in center of table to match the floral bouquets were perfect. Overall, very welcoming, detail oriented, warm & friendly server. —Lynn W.

Beautiful facility with a terrific view. Our server was around just enough to accommodate our needs but no so much as to be intrusive. —Carre S.

Great service, nice views, good food. Server was wonderful and working with Dorothy was great. —Sarah M.

Service staff was very prompt and friendly — server was fantastic! The room setup was perfect. Access to the balcony was nice! I wish I lived closer! It was all excellent. I look forward to coming back. — Bonnie M.

I have been to the restaurant several times and knew of this huge dinner and thought Salty’s would be the perfect place and it was =) —Gloria M

.It was fantastic! Halibut Oscar was amazing! I heard great feedback from all. —Francine M.

Great place for groups. Been there a few times and wanted to share it with friends. Great food, great service, great time. —Lisa M.

It was great. Our guests loved it. — Teriann H.

Matt, I just wanted to thank you again for organizing such incredible events at Salty’s. We always have such a blast! The atmosphere and view are beautiful, the food is delectable, the wine/beer is amazing, and the staff (including yourself, of course!!) is wonderful. We are heart-broken that we will miss the Pinot event, but you can bet we’ll be at all the others! —BR, Portland 4/2010

"Great, nice staff. Food was above expectations." — Larry B.

"We really enjoyed all of it. Room was perfect for our group’s needs." —Linda B.

Yes, the service staff was very helpful. We had a group of about 23. We kept the staff busy. The food was wonderful. Everyone in our party was satisfied. This is like the fourth or fifth year we have taken Mom to brunch on her birthday. Everyone agrees we will be back next year. We are always treated well and the food is excellent. Dorothy, thanks again for everything. —Tina I.

Your staff went out of your way to accommodate us! The shuttle service (even though you don't normally go toVancouver) was appreciated! Gluten-free options were much appreciated. Keep up the great work! —Leigh G.

Service staff went out of their way. We would request them again. The food was above expectations. —Larry H.

The best. Will be back thru 2010 and beyond . —Paul S.

We and our guests very much enjoyed the wedding we held at Salty's on the Columbia. —Jacki C. 1/2010

Excellent job by servers. —Karen S. 1/2010

Food was delicious as always. My daughter was eating which is very rare for her — she's a picky eater at 4 yrs old. Service and staff were exceptional — professional and very knowledgeable. —Mai L. 1/2010

The staff went the extra mile: personalized welcome, tea menu, and taking pictures for the girls and me!! —Barbara Y. 1/2010

Thank you for making our holiday party a success! We had a lovely time. —Brittany S. 12/09

The food got raves. I especially appreciated my baby green salad. It inspired me to serve a similar salad at my Christmas family gathering. I only receive positive comments from attendees. Thank you again for making our event easy. —Tammie H. 12/09

Inviting and had a nice holiday atmosphere. —Tammy M. 12/09

We look forward to having our Christmas lunch with you every year. —Karen O. 12/09

The staff was very attentive, pleasant and friendly. Excellent service, very nice facility. —Loni G. 2009

The staff is always fast and friendly. —Sadie B. 2009

The setup is beautiful and the service great! We (large banquet group) always have a lovely time [at Salty's on the Columbia] and I personally enjoy dinner and cocktails often. —Kellie H. 2009

We had a perfect table to enjoy a beautiful sunset [on the Columbia River]! Congratulations on your great staff and excellent restaurant. —Mike M. 2009

Good service (worked hard) and great food/atmosphere. I've been a customer for many years. —Kathie B. 2009

I had a very good experience from the setup to the dinner. The waitress was excellent. Very much appreciated the van service to pick up guests at the hotel. —Kathy L. 2009

The dessert was especially good this year, based as comments, as well as myself. —Sherrie L. 2009

Have dined here many times [at Salty's on the Columbia], have a great reputation and the food is superior. You went beyond our expectations and made our day very special (wedding and reception). —Leah T. 2009

Very accommodating to dietary needs. You helped make our wedding rehearsal dinner go so smoothly. —Amanda M. 2009

Everyone was gracious, cheerful, and professional. —Pat B. 2009

Service staff was great. Food was excellent, far exceeding expectations. There was something for everyone. It was decorated beautifully. Everyone really enjoyed it. —Jamie U. 2009

I have grown up going to Salty's. —Cynthia J. 2009

Very friendly & warm. They seemed organized and eager to serve. —Karla F. 2009

Salty's Catering Department

Food exceeded our expectations. Everyone very much enjoyed. We are longtime customers of Salty’s. Always fabulous. Thank you for being a part of our marriage memories! —Audree P. 3/2013

We appreciate your staff scheduling our private party with such short notice. Everything was prepared well, all said the food was very good. The room, food and staff were excellent —Karen R. 3/2013

We have varied needs with my group i.e. gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and downright just picky. Your menu was great! Professional and excellent food. —Karena S. 3/2013

"As usual, your team is/was incredible; personable, welcoming and genuine in making the Salty's atmosphere far superior in customer care. Your team portrays one of my strongest beliefs in business … Any company can offer customer service; whether the team "cares" to give the service is what sets the company apart from their competition. I can find customer service at any place of business. But when that team member "cares" that I am there, it is what will bring me back each and every time ... and this is exactly how I feel every time I come to Salty's ... your team cares!"
—Rae Hanneman, Sales Manager, Portland North Harbour
"Everything went beautifully! Not only was the food terrific, the service was outstanding as well! We also appreciated your flexibility with the number of servings of each entrée. Everyone ended up with the entrée of his or her choice and we heard nothing but rave reviews regarding the food."
—Terry Dempsey, Vice President, American Fence Association, Inc.
"The upper level of the restaurant worked very well for our group of 150 people. With the scenic view of the Columbia River, the entertainment of the piano player and the opportunity to have a sit down dinner, your facility was able to offer our group a relaxing and enjoyable evening.
—Annette M. Meyer, Conference Coordinator, American Rental Association
"We were all delighted with the accommodations and especially noted the lovely decorations you placed in the Wine Room. It certainly was the perfect atmosphere for our event! The service was impeccable and we cannot thank you enough for your attentiveness to us. You were especially accommodating to two very late arrivals! Thank your for making our holiday dinner such a special evening!"
—Shannon Williams, Administrative Assistant, Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals, Inc.
"Thank you for being so flexible and organized in meeting the dinner requirements for the needs of our company. The food was served with a fabulous display and all was arranged very professionally. We were delighted to also get wonderful table side service and will keep Salty's on our restaurant's of recommendation for our future business traveler's into Portland."
—Frank Jirik, Manager, Cabin Service — PDX, Delta AirLines, Global Services
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