The History of Salty's at Redondo Beach, South Seattle

Salty's Landmark Restaurants: Redondo Beach, South Seattle History

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Salty's restaurant at Redondo Beach just south of Seattle, Washington, has been a locals' favorite waterfront seafood restaurant and cafe-bar from the time of its opening in 1981. The restaurant building is set on piers resting on Puget Sound beachfront and has historical significance along with the area known as Redondo Beach.

As Larry Snyder Jr. said in a local paper, "The area of Redondo Beach has a long and memorable history in South Puget Sound. Initially settled in 1869 by The Stone family, the beachfront community became known as Redondo, named by those who thought it had some potential to become similar to the beach community in southern California. Near the turn of the century, Redondo Beach became a popular camping spot. The early 1900s brought an amusement park, including the Washington State's largest roller skating rink. It was one of the first to require wooden wheels."

The Long and Happy Life of Salty's and Redondo Beach

1868 — Zacharias and Jane Stone buy squatter's rights to their homestead, known as Stone's Landing.
1886 — Steamer service is provided by Captain John Phillips.
1890 — Beach is a popular picnic area with people arriving on horseback, buggy or mostly by boats. Some families even pitch tents for the entire summer.
1904 — It is named Redondo when Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Hurd take over the post office.
1910 — Charles Betts brings in a ferris wheel, merry-go-round and slides; Redondo becomes a carnival town.
1922 — Weston Betts builds a Dance Hall which becomes a local hot spot.
1930 — The Dance Hall becomes a skating rink requiring wood wheels. It's known as Washington State's largest skating rink and features a Wurlitzer pipe organ.
1947 — Nel's Boathouse is built (and the building will eventually become Salty's at Redondo, the restaurant).
1951 — The famed skating rink burns to the ground. Amusement equipment is sold to Seattle's Woodland Park.
1954 — Nel's Boathouse is renamed Nel's Boathouse Tavern.
1959 — Byron Betts opens Redondo Marina, touted as best in the State.
1968 — Renamed Redondo Tavern.
1971 — Under new control, a new name, Redondo Beach Tavern.
1972 — A Class “H" license is introduced, and a year later the name changes to Redondo Beach Broiler.
1975 — Acquired by Paul's Dock, Inc., it is named Paul's Dock.
1977 — The name changes, this time to Fisherman's Market.
1978 — Redondo Waterfront Park is established. It includes the boat launch ramp, fishing pier and park across the street with picnic tables.
1979 — New owners establish Sebastian's Seafood Restaurant.
1980 — New management changes the name back to Paul's Dock.
1981 — Gerry & Kathy Kingen purchase Paul's Dock and after a major remodel open under a new name, Salty's at Redondo Beach.

"I remember skating there when I was 16," Larry Wilson of Des Moines says. "The skating rink was upstairs and a penny arcade downstairs." Kids enjoyed the facility, complete with a Wurlitzer organ, until the building was destroyed in a 1951 fire. Wilson also recalls the construction of a five-story "dry storage" boat facility in the late 1950s, complete with a water-borne boat elevator. "Because there was no breakwater, a southern wind helped you decide how fast your boat got on that elevator," says Wilson. — Quotes from The Highline Times, January 16, 2002

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