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Please know that our fabulous waterfront views are visible from virtually every seat in our restaurants, not just window seats. While we wish we could give everyone a window seat, they are first-come first-served! Holiday reservations must be made by telephone — we do not accept online reservations for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's & Father's Day, Thanksgiving or New Year's. Please call for parties of 11 or more. On weekends we serve brunch, not lunch at most our locations.

Welcome to the Home of Award Winning Pacific Northwest Seafood!

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Salty's Waterfront Seafood Grills Menus for both Seattle and Portland, Oregon — feature the freshest seafood dishes that will both surprise and delight you. Salty's menus showcase, award winning, dining experience by providing only the freshest, finest ingredients, produce and one of the best wine lists in the area. Whether you are looking for traditional or innovative, Certified Angus Beef Natural®, aged charbroiled steaks, or fresh Northwest seafood entrées, appetizers, soup, salads, side dishes and desserts.

Welcome to the Home of Award Winning PacificNorthwest Seafood!

Our Menus

Menus change seasonally in order to feature the freshest seafood available an offer an eclectic mix of comfort food, elegance and a little pinch of whatever local ingredient inspires us.

We love to celebrate the arrival of fresh seasonal seafood as well as produce. In the winter, we rejoice when fresh Dungeness crab arrives with our "You Crack Me Up" Crab Festival. Springtime brings in the fresh Alaskan halibut catch where we invite you to join us for our "Just for the Halibut" Festival. Locals eagerly await summer and the arrival of Copper River Salmon when we celebrate our "Wild Ones" Summer Salmon Festival. Fall presents us with our "Aw Shucks! Amorous Oyster" Festival for you oyster and other bivalve lovers.

Our mission is simple: Take the best that the market has to offer and then make it even better! — Corporate Chef Jeremy McLachlan

Market Sheets

In addition to our seasonal menus, each of our lunch and dinner restaurant menus include Market Sheets which showcase the most current, freshest seafood catch an ever-changing array of seasonal land and ocean delicacies. Check our Market Sheets, Good Times News and for insights into our Chefs' currently featured dishes and what's happening in the Salty's kitchens — check out Corporate Chef Jeremy McLachlan's blog "Kitchen Talk", Seattle with Chef Paolo, Redondo with Chef Gabe or Portland with Chef Josh.

Salty's Sustainable Fish

Sustainability Program

Salty's prides itself on working with local farmers and fisheries to get you the best product as well as support our local economy. Since 2011, Salty's have implemented a sustainable seafood program that focuses on safe fishing practices. We love our guests, we love our seafood and we would love it to stay that way.

Award Winning Wine Selection Wine

No meal would be complete without a great glass of wine to accompany it. Review our restaurant Wine Menus for a complete listing of our current wine selections featuring Washington and Oregon wines as well as international selections. Visit the Salty's wine and cocktails blog, "Glass This" for updates on our newest wines, current wine events, wine dinners, tastings and for advice from Salty's Award Winning Sommelier, Tim O'Brien on selecting and paring wines from Pacific Northwest wineries.

For Reservations by phone call: Alki (Seattle), 206-937-1600
Redondo (S. Seattle), 253-946-0636 | Columbia (Portland), 503-288-4444

Alki Beach / Seattle Menus

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Redondo / S. Seattle Menus

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Columbia / Portland Menus

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After exploring our menus and blogs, call us or make a restaurant reservations today. Come whet your appetite on the Northwest's most fabulous seafood — we'd love to have you our as our guest! Don't forget to sign up for our Private Email List! We'll let you know when our menus change and when our Fresh Seafood Festivals begin as well as give you advanced reservation notices!

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