Salty's Seafood Grills Mission Statement


Salty's Waterfront Grills Mission Statement

Words Direct Thoughts, Thoughts Direct Actions. We dedicate ourselves to creating a truly outstanding service and entertainment business, The Best Seafood & Steak Restaurants in the Seattle and Portland, recognized as a great restaurant company to do business with and a great place to work.

We are an outstanding restaurant company. We exceed our guests' expectations through empowered people, guided by shared values and commitments.

THIS REQUIRES: "A consistent GUEST FOCUS for our company which all of our people understand and feel passionate about, recognizing "A Happy Guest Is The Cornerstone of Our Success."

  • An EMPOWERED RESTAURANT ORGANIZATION which is both motivated and supported to satisfy guests to the fullest extent of our capabilities.
  • A set of SHARED VALUES AND COMMITMENTS which guides all of our decisions and actions.

To make this a reality we acknowledge everything starts with the GUEST. The voice of the guest drives our actions. It is understood that everyone listens to our guest, understands what the guest's needs are and delivers to exceed those needs. Processes are developed which add value to our guests, and activities are eliminated that do not. Over time this will allow us to build mutually beneficial partnerships with our guests. This is the essence of our long-term sustainable competitive advantage. "A Happy Guest Is Our Success."™

Those associates closest to the guest are at the top of our organization. They must be EMPOWERED to satisfy our guest's needs. The rest of our organization's role is to help those closest to the guest by providing resources and removing obstacles. Empowered associates exercise their freedom to act within their area of competence, take responsibility, accept accountability, exercise initiative and deliver results. Empowering leaders create the restaurant environment by providing the vision and latitude for action. Empowered people see themselves as restaurant owner-operators, recognizing what is good for the guest is good for the company and good for them as individuals.

Salty's, a guest-focused restaurant company, is guided by shared values and commitments. The shared values we live by are:

Diversity — We respect the individual and seek value and promote differences of race, nationality, gender, age, background, experience and style.

  • Communication — We listen and speak clearly, consistently and respectfully. Clear communication and understanding is the root of our strength and our success.
  • Integrity — We do what we say.
  • Honesty — We speak openly and directly, with care and compassion, and work hard to understand and resolve issues.
  • Attitude —We have a positive, can-do attitude about ourselves, our guests, our fellow associates and our company.
  • Accountability — We all understand what is expected of us and are fully committed to meeting those expectations.
  • Teamwork — Working on real guest needs, we combine functional excellence and cross-functional teamwork to produce exceptional results.
  • Balance — We respect the decisions individuals make to achieve professional and personal balance in their life.

By living these shared values every day, with a passion, we build mutual trust. On this foundation we build the outstanding Restaurant Company that our Guests, our Shareholders and our Associates want and expect. Through guest focus, empowerment and shared values and commitment, we are an extraordinarily successful waterfront seafood and steak restaurant company located in Seattle, South Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

WORLD CLASS SEEFOOD, Steaks, Service & Smiles!®

Salty's is truly in a class by itself. We work hard to please you with our award-winning Northwest seafood and steak cuisine and perfectly friendly service. Indeed, the diners of OpenTable, the readers of Seattle Weekly, and the Best of Western Washington vote Salty's the top seafood and waterfront view restaurants in both Seattle and Portland year after year.