Herb Butter-Poached Lobster, Crispy Potatoes, Sauce BoPo

Herb Butter-Poached Lobster
Herb Butter-Poached Lobster

Fresh out of the tank and into the hands of our Corporate Chef Jeremy to prepare this scrumptious meal with crispy potatoes and BoPo sauce.

Herb Butter-Poached Lobster, Crispy Potatoes, Sauce BoPo

Serves 4


4 each lobster tails
Herb butter recipe below
4 each crispy potatoes recipe below
Sauce Bopo recipe below

  1. Start baking the potatoes while preparing lobster and herb butter.
  2. When lobster is almost done, prepare sauce BoPo and deep fry potatoes.

Plating: Place crispy potatoes on plate and slit like a baked potato. Fill slit with remaining herb butter. Ladle sauce BoPo on plate and top with lobster tails. Garnish with parsley.

Crispy Potatoes Ingredients

4 each small russet potatoes
4 cups canola oil
1 tablespoon Salty's Seasoning Salt

Crispy Potatoes Directions
  1. Clean and bake potatoes in a 400-degree oven until soft, approximately 30-40 minutes.
  2. Cool slightly for 15 minutes.
  3. While cooling, heat oil in deep fryer, peel skin.
  4. Deep fry whole potatoes at 325 degrees until golden brown.
  5. Remove from oil and coat immediately with salt. Keep warm.
Herb Butter Ingredients

1/2 pound butter, unsalted and room temperature
1 teaspoon garlic, fresh minced
1 tablespoon shallot, fresh minced
1 tablespoon Italian parsley, fresh chopped
1 teaspoon thyme, fresh chopped
1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt
1/2 lemon, juiced

Herb Butter Directions
  • In a bowl, mix together all ingredients.
  • Reserve 2-4 tablespoon for potatoes.
  • Place remainder in casserole dish for cooking lobster.
  • Lobster Ingredients

    4 lobster tails

    Lobster Directions
    1. Preheat oven to 275 degrees.
    2. Slice open lobster tails using a sharp chef's knife and fan meat on top of shell.
    3. Season meat with salt.
    4. Place tails in the casserole dish with herb butter, meat side down.
    5. Cook for 25 minutes.
    6. Remove from oven and let sit for 3 minutes before serving.
    Sauce BoPo Ingredients
    1/4 pound sweet cream butter no salt
    salt to taste

    Sauce BoPo Directions
    1. Melt butter in a double boiler on medium-low heat until the fat separates from the milk solids aka whey, which is white).
    2. Using a ladle remove all of the oil (aka clarified butter, which is clear) off the top and place in a separate bowl.
    3. Whisk the remaining milk solids for 5 minutes it will thicken slightly).
    4. Slowly drizzle back in 2 tablespoon of the oil you just removed.
    5. Finish with salt to taste.
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