Sambal Honey BBQ-Glazed King Salmon with Watercress and Rainier Cherry Vinaigrette Featured

Sambal Honey BBQ-Glazed King Salmon with Watercress and Rainier Cherry Vinaigrette

Salty’s chefs kick off summer with the return of this guest favorite. Grilled on the barbie, a rich and flavorful king salmon is dressed with a spicy glaze of sambal-honey barbecue sauce to wake up your tongue! Made with caramelized onions, garlic, ginger, tomato paste, honey, hoisin, chili sauce, plum sauce, soy sauce, star anise, and last but not least, sambal oelek, an Indonesian hot sauce. The spicy glazed king is presented with a quinoa pilaf made with roasted shiitake mushrooms and a watercress salad spiked with a sweet-and-sour Rainier cherry and champagne vinaigrette. Hello, summer! (If you can't make it into Salty's, try our Festival Recipe, adjusted for the home cook.)

Sambal Honey BBQ-Glazed King Salmon with Watercress and Rainier Cherry Vinaigrette

Serves 4

4 each 6-ounce king salmon fillets
salt and pepper to taste
sambal-honey barbecue sauce, recipe follows
cherry vinaigrette, recipe follows
12 rainier cherries, pitted and halved
2 bunches watercress, cut with 1-inch stem

  1. Turn barbecue on high to 500 F.
  2. Fold a large piece of foil in half (large enough to hold the salmon) and spray with cooking spray. Season salmon on both sides with salt and pepper.
  3. Place salmon on foil and brush with 1 cup spicy barbecue sauce.
  4. Turn grill to medium (300 F) and place foil tray with salmon on grill, close cover and cook 7 minutes. Open and baste salmon with remaining sauce, close lid and cook 3 minutes. Check salmon for doneness, pull from grill.
  5. To serve place salmon on plate and large serving of watercress salad along side.

Sambal Honey Barbecue Sauce

1 tablespoon canola oil
1/2 onion, chopped fine
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tablespoon ginger, chopped
1 tablespoon tomato paste
2 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons hoisin
2 tablespoons plum sauce
1 12-ounce jar chili sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoons Sambal (or Sriracha) hot chili paste

In a medium sauce pan over medium heat add oil and onion and cook until soft. Add garlic and ginger and cook 2 minutes. Add tomato paste and cook 1 minute stirring constantly. Add remaining ingredients and turn heat to low. Simmer 30 minutes stirring regularly. Remove from heat and cool 15 minutes. Puree in blender and set aside.

Rainier Cherry Vinaigrette

4 rainier cherries, pitted and chopped
2 tablespoons champagne vinegar
1 teaspoon honey
1 small shallot, minced
4 tablespoons canola oil
salt and pepper to taste

In a blender combine cherries, champagne vinegar, honey and shallot and blend 1 minute. Drizzle canola oil 1 tablespoon at time while blender is running to emulsify. Season with salt and pepper. In a large bowl toss watercress with cherries and vinaigrette. Serve along side the grilled salmon.

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