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SEATTLE — Alki Beach — 206-937-1600
DES MOINES — Redondo Beach — 253-946-0636
PORTLAND — Columbia River — 503-288-4444

Please know that our fabulous waterfront views are visible from virtually every seat in our restaurants, not just window seats. While we wish we could give everyone a window seat, they are first-come first-served! Holiday reservations must be made by telephone — we do not accept online reservations for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's & Father's Day, Thanksgiving or New Year's. Please call for parties of 11 or more. On weekends we serve brunch, not lunch at most our locations.

Gift Cards (1)

Salty's Gift Cards are beautiful presentations that make for grand openings. They're the perfect gift for everyone on your list who loves to eat, and who doesn't? Especially at Salty's.

Cookbooks (1)

Salty's cookbooks are a wonderful collection of our Chef's and Guest's favorite all-time recipes. Healthy, delicious and fun to make!

Food (5)

Salty's signature foods are a customer favorite. Salty's Seasoning Salt and Blackening Spices are used in many of Salty's signature dishes and now are available for home use. Salty's also has many seasonal items that make for wonderful gifts.

Gifts (3)

We loved having you as our guests! Salty's Signature Gifts are great mementos of your visit to Salty's Waterfront Seafood Grills. Many items are limited runs, so grab them while they are available!

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